Baris Aladag is defining a new generation of European artists. Emerging from a Turkish-descended family in Germany, his work travels culturally as much as it explores new styles and medias.

Fascinated by the big screen since a little boy, Baris grew up in a family of artists that motivated his creativity endeavors from the start.

Baris’ dive into the art-sea started early. Thirteen years old— and already DJing in underground clubs. One year later he was in a studio recording his first single. A few years later Baris started experimenting with moving picture. Baris’s first award came already with his first commercial, shot when he was only 19 years old. Followed by several prices including a silver Lion in Cannes.


Baris shaped his lyrics writing and music production skills— hitting a golden album after another for the german Singer Clueso.

Baris recently shot Alanis Morissete, Phoenix and Asteroid Galaxy Tour. He also is about to finish a movie to be released in 2016 in cinemas.

Dreh Dich

Looking at his solid work and constant creative flow, we can only wonder:

what will Baris do next?

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